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Strategies for Growing a 6-Figure to a 7-Figure Security Business
Join us for a free webcast where guest speaker, John Jennings will reveal the 3 strategies he learned to grow his security business from 6-figure to 7-figures, then from 7-figures to 8-figures.     
Mark Your Calendar for January 18, 2018 at 2 pm EST.

Join The Webcast With 
Scott Goldfine
Associate Publisher, 
Security Sales & Integration

Guest Speaker:
John R. Jennings,
SafeGuard Security and Communications Inc.

FREE Webcast
Learn the Strategies to grow your business from 6-to-7-figures, then to 8-figures:
  •  Strategy #1: The One Key focus you need to build a business that you, your team, and your customers will love
  •  Strategy #2: The key numbers (simple and often overlooked) you need to measure for money guys to provide the growth financing you need
  •  Strategy #3: How to assemble the right team to get you to the next level (Hint: You'll never get there by working longer and harder). 
You won't want to miss this FREE webcast. 
Highlights of Mr. Jennings Career:
1975 - Joined Safeguard Security as Alarm Installer
1981 - Became President and General Manager
2001 - Became Chief Executive Officer  
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