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Sound Masking, Mass Notification 
and their Impact on Safety
How NFPA and UL Adoption Has Made Sound Masking a Life Safety Issue

Moderated By:
Rodney Bosch
Senior Editor,
Security Sales & Integration

Originally broadcast live on:
August 31st

Guest Speaker:
Jonathan Leonard

Guest Speaker:
David Smith
VP of Marketing,

On-Demand Webcast
This webcast will include a discussion of the basic premise of sound masking, the changes in NFPA and UL requirements and how you can still deliver not just the right solution for your clients, but maybe a superior choice not considered.
Attendees will learn ways to add revenue as well as navigate the waters with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) as the new codes are enforced to help alarm contractors and security integrators. 
Highlights of this session include:
  •   How Sound Masking and Mass Notification Systems Can Contribute to Your Topline
  •   The Adoption of NFPA72 and Key Criteria within the Code
  •   An Understanding of the Rigors of UL Testing
  •   The Direction of Communication Devices and Fire     Alarm Control Panels
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