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Lessons Learned From Four Decades of Leading 
Major Security Companies
Hear personal stories and business insight from Tim Whall as he describes his lengthy career in the security industry from starting as a teenager at his parent’s firm in Detroit to now as the CEO of ADT. Tim will speak about his customer service philosophy and how he helped transform ADT from good to great in less than two years. 

Recorded May 31 at 2:00 PM EDT

Scott Goldfine
Security Sales & Integration

Timothy J. Whall 
ADT Security Services

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Tim will share details about “getting low” in the field, responding to each customer and inspiring employees. As a result, ADT has removed its IVRs, is answering calls in under 60 seconds and providing same-day installs. Under Tim’s leadership, ADT is redefining security and becoming a premier player in the commercial space.

Timothy J. Whall became CEO of ADT in May 2016. He started in the security industry in high school while working for the family business, Whall Security, in Detroit, Michigan. Tim has held positions at every level including Installer, Call Center Operator, General Manager, Chief Operating Officer and CEO. Decades of experience span from his family-run security business to leading some of the largest security companies in the world, while always keeping his focus on the customer and ensuring their experience is second-to-none.
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