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Establishing your Cybersecurity Baseline
Learn about initial steps you can take to understand the basic cybersecurity needs of a security system and create your own baseline standard of cybersecurity to build upon.
Recorded Live on July 25, 2018

Scott Goldfine
Security Sales & Integration

Steve Wilber
Training Manager 
Dahua Technology USA

Jake Cmarada
National Business Development, Enterprise Sales Manager
Dahua Technology USA

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Attend this webcast to learn:
  •  The importance of cybersecurity and the installer’s responsibilities in educating end users about the risks
  •  Establishing a cybersecurity baseline of best practices and policies 
  •  Network security features available in video surveillance equipment 
  •  Surveillance System and network design tips to maximize security 
  •  Important basic cybersecurity tips to pass along to end users
You won't want to miss this FREE webcast. 
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