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Buy, Sell, or Do Nothing at All... All by Design
This free webinar will help you learn how successful dealmakers continually and successfully benefit from the deal market in the alarm and security industries, no matter which way the market is going. 

Learn from the best deal-making the industry has seen. Companies and dealmakers may not always be identified by name, however, these transactions are often the kind of deals that have made history for our industry.
Join us Thursday, October 11 @ 2PM EDT

Scott Goldfine
Security Sales & Integration

Ron Davis
President, Davis Mergers & Acquisitions Group

FREE Live Webcast
In just 1 hour, attendees will have answers to questions such as:
  •  Who makes up the deal team?
  •  When is the best time to buy? 
  •  When is the best time to sell? 
  •  Is there such a thing as financing available to use for acquisitions? 
  •  Are deal brokers, lawyers, bankers, due diligence experts, accountants all honest and ethical? And if so, how to keep them that way. And, how much to pay them? And, do you really need all of them? 
  •  How is the market for deals today? In the alarm industry? In the integrator market? In the manufacturer's market? 
Ron Davis is well known and is readily recognized as one of the most knowledgeable experts in the security industry. He is President of Davis Mergers and Acquisitions Group, the industry’s longest running “broker” or “finder”, exclusively representing the sellers of electronic security companies and integrators. Ron has spoken at over 1,000 industry meetings and conventions, and was among the first group inducted into SSI’s Industry Hall of Fame. 

He was the creator of the phrase “recurring monthly revenue” and is one of the most prolific authors in the industry. He has written numerous articles, columns and newsletters. He recently published the best-selling book “Greatest Ideas of the Alarm Industry’s Greatest Thinkers” which is based on his columns and interviews included in the publication SSI over the past few years. He is widely considered to be one of the most vocal proponents for excellence in management. Davis is considered an expert in the area of strategic planning and business development.

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